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Black Lantern Donna Troy III by dwwrider Black Lantern Donna Troy III by dwwrider
Commission by :iconsuppa-rider: [suppa-rider]

Suppa-rider was incredibly kind to offer me a free commission and it was such a surprised that I didnít have any ideas available. I didnít want to take advantage of his kindness and ask for something complicated. I remembered my description for one of these pictures stating there arenít many of them and dA needs more of these. I asked him to draw Donna Troy as a Black Lantern for the reasons previously stated. He did a superb job, especially on a free basis. Iíve done paid commissions with him before and heís a treat to work with and an excellent artist.

If you're interested in seeing work I've commissioned from suppa-rider and other artists, click on my gallery and take a look around.

Title: Black Lantern Donna Troy III

The Black Lantern Corps are the undead forces of the supervillain Nekron. His power over Death includes possessing anyone who has died and returned to life. Donna Troy died fighting an android mimicking Supermanís abilities, but she was revived by higher powers. Confronted by Earthís heroes, Nekron turns the allies of life into enemies as his powers transform the living into the living dead.

Nekronís minions sought more than to kill the living. By utilizing the dead of honored friends, lovers, and allies, the Black Lantern Corps sought to pull on the emotional connections of their intended victims and tear their hearts out, one at a time. Confronted by her dead husband and child, Donna Troy was bitten by her child in a moment of unsuspecting weakness. Infected with Nekronís influence, she fought with limited strength against the Black Lantern Corps members set to kill the Teen Titans.

At Coast City, the site of Nekronís entrance with his Black Lantern battery, Earthís heroes confronted their nemesis with disastrous results. Little did they know, his power exerted not only control over the dead, but those who had died and returned to life. Once stalwart allies, turned into homicidal enemies. While a Black Lantern ring sought out and possessed many of those candidates, it was the infected bite wound that catalyzed Donnaís transformation into a Black Lantern.

Donna Troy (c) D.C. Comics

Commission by :iconsuppa-rider:
Link to his gallery: [link]
wnter06 Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2012
you a art good job very good
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