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Not a Morning Person, Part I by dwwrider Not a Morning Person, Part I by dwwrider
Commission by :iconturtlechan: [turtlechan]

Having done splendid work for me with my original character, I asked turtlechan to continue the streak. I had a two piece series with my original characters and I wanted a suspenseful scene. Itís the classic damsel in imminent distress. He drew my character very sexy and cute with her yawning, tired expression. I appreciate the work he did for me and I canít wait to see the final part of the series.

If you're interested in seeing work I've commissioned from turtlechan and other artists, click on my gallery and take a look around.

Title: She Isnít a Morning Person, Part I

This commission involves two of my original characters, Melissa Greene and Veronica Handelsman, in a situation mirroring an episode from the cartoon Mighty Max. In the episode, Maxís mother recovered an ancient artifact that harbored icky, parasitic mind controlling parasites called zomboids. A different title for this piece would have been Meet the Zomboids, but itíd be too droll for my taste.

Professor Melissa Greene visited an archeology dig with her assistant Veronica in tow. The dig was retrieving artifacts from a lost civilization and Melissa was there to witness the careful removal of a fetish idol. The stone statue was modeled off of female creature of unknown species and it appeared to figure prominently in this cultureís beliefs. By her estimate, Melissa thought it was sea based and given the multiple tentacle nature of the statue, possibly octopus or anemone like creature.

To protect the artifact from the elements, the archeology crew put it in a storage shed nearby their cabins. Unbeknownst to the crew, the artifact harbored parasitic creatures called zomboids. The zomboids had hibernated for centuries in the statue and the sudden change in temperature, due to the removal from the dig site, prompted their awakening. Come nightfall, the zomboids emerged from the statue, eager to find new hosts. Sensing the heated breath and carbon dioxide of warm-blooded animals, the zomboids crawled their way into the different cabins, entering through the cabin vents. While the crew slumbered, they fell victim to zomboids crawling onto their neck.

Melissa and Veronica were in a cabin farther away from the rest of the crew, but a zomboid managed to breach the cabin. Melissa woke up that morning in an icky mood. She never slept well away from home and in general, she wasnít a morning person. While she stumbled her way to the bathroom, a zomboid dropped onto her neck and stung her. Paralyzed by the attack, she couldnít pull it off as it sent its feelers into her neck. Rooted on her neck and sending overpowering impulses to her brain, Melissa had no choice but to obey what her zomboid master commanded her to do.

Melissa Greene & Veronica Handelsman (c) dwwrider
Mighty Max (c) Mattel Inc.

Commission by :iconturtlechan:
Link to his gallery: [link]
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Dethena Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2015
Am I the only one that would like to have a zombie on my neck?
DarkStoryteller21 Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Right...I'd think in this case, i'd just get right to the coffee.
Levia-the-Dragon Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2010
Yee... how doe you fight something like that...
Rassilon001 Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2012
Shoes seemed to work rather well.
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March 10, 2010
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